For Dubai RTA project, WS Atkins found Microstation more valuable than Autodesk (BIM?) software .

WS Atkins & Partners Overseas had to be innovative when designing an underground rail station for Dubai’s Green and Red metro lines near an existing shopping mall. The USD 2.9 billion development will reduce roadway traffic, boost sales, and separate the flow of shoppers from daily commuters. However, right-of-way limitations, a shallow foundation, inadequate vehicle drop-off space, and a small utility tunnel presented design challenges. WS Atkins also had to achieve LEED GOLD certification and deliver a high-quality, under-budget design on time.  

They initially used Autodesk software, but when they found it insufficient for integrating the project with surrounding buildings and effectively delivering their BIM vision, they deployed Bentley software. WS Atkins overcame site constraints with MicroStation’s parametric modeling capabilities. MicroStation’s powerful constraints capabilities, usable in both drawing and modeling workflows, enabled them to maintain design intent while rapidly moving through design iterations and progressing development. They solved the station’s complex interface geometry within the application, eliminating on-site measuring. Accurate quantity estimations reduced construction waste by 45% and material waste by 65%. They shared over 100 files of varying formats among the multidiscipline team to enhance collaboration and deliver the design one month early.


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