Digital Water: Experience the power of real-time data visualization with our water digital twin software. Monitor, analyze and optimize your water network with ease.

Digital twin for smart water technology will redefine how you plan, design, and operate your water infrastructure. The result of a digital twin is an intelligent, connected digital infrastructure model that supports planning, design, construction, and operations for smart water systems. Digital twins provide accurate, reliable data that you can use to perform what-if analyses and make informed decisions throughout the lifecycle of a water system—from long-term system vulnerability and capacity planning to immediate performance monitoring and emergency response.

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Benefits of Using Digital Twins

Link your Physical Asset with Digital Asset

Business Outcome

Digital Twin Technology for Smart Water Networks

Control pressure

Detect system anomalies

Enhance energy use

Identify where your water is going

Why digital twins matter

Advancing Digitalization with Live Visualization and Data Intelligence

The key feature of digital twins that differentiates it from other technologies is that it is not a single technology, but is based on integration of multiple software technologies to support decision-making. In our offering, we have tools to:

  • Display system status and alerts in a useful dashboard format
  • Predict problems before they happen using modeling
  • Respond to emergencies using modeling
  • Display SCADA and IoT data to identify anomalies in various data based on historical patterns
  • Develop water balances on different temporal and spatial scales using metering and SCADA data
  • Detect pumping operation and equipment that may not be operating as efficiently as possible
  • Provide input to asset management decisions

Case Study

Innovators in water, sewer, and stormwater projects

Maynilad Water Services operates 67 active pump-fed areas with 1.08 million water service connections in the West Zone of metro Manila. To ensure cost-effective, efficient pumping operations, they continually manage the pumping stations and inline boosters. However, their manual processes using disparate databases often resulted in high nonrevenue water due to excessive pressure. They sought an integrated digital solution to optimize pumping operations.
They selected OpenFlows WaterGEMS for hydraulic modeling and data analytics, digitalizing their pump operation optimization process, and chose a priority facility to pilot their process. Using Bentley’s interoperable, open application simplified data integration, enabling them to establish an integrated digital twin of the facility network. Based on the model, they determined the pumping inefficiencies and implemented corrective maintenance, resulting in a projected plant power reduction of 13% and saving USD 4,000 annually. The results promote using digital twins to optimize all 67 pumping facilities, greatly reducing total energy consumption, costs, and their carbon footprint.

Innovators in water operations

The city of Joinville experienced their worst water crisis in 30 years. Responsible for supplying water and sanitation services to approximately 600,000 residents in the municipality, CAJ-Joinville Water Company initiated a project to develop a contingency plan to maintain water supply during worsening drought conditions. They evaluated three alternatives in the preliminary study. However, their initial solution yielded insufficient flow transfer, water shortages at the weakest points in the supply system, and a reduction in water transport efficiency. As a result, they needed to implement a more comprehensive study of the municipality’s entire network. CAJ-Joinville Water Company used OpenFlows WaterGEMS to create a digital twin of the distribution system, modeling 285 kilometers of network. Using the hydraulic model to simulate a new contingency plan, they determined an optimal solution that guaranteed supply in the event of severe drought, while saving approximately BRL 4.5 million compared to their original proposal. The Bentley-based scenario improves flow efficiency, reduces pumping costs, and cuts energy consumption by 574 megawatts per year.

CTtec and CTx Tech are Bentley Gold Chanel Partner for Sales and support of Digital Water Software in India & UAE, Qatar, Middle East

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